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Date: 12/5/2017
Time: 9:00 AM
Meeting: Standing Committee Meeting
Law and Justice

Representative Klint Kesto

All bills referred to this committee
Room 327, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

Melissa Weipert phone: 517-373-5176

Broadcast: No
Agenda:  HB 4779 - (Rep. Kosowski) - Legislature; other; uniform electronic legal material; provide for.

HB 4780 - (Rep. Kesto) - Legislature; other; Michigan Compiled Laws database; designate as an official source of law.

HB 5216 - (Rep. Kesto) - Civil procedure; other; list of prisoner actions dismissed as frivolous; eliminate.

HB 5017 - (Rep. Lucido) - Crimes; other; cyberbullying; prohibit, and provide penalties.

HB 5018 - (Rep. Lucido) - Criminal procedure; sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for crime of cyberbullying; enact.

HB 5222 - (Rep. Albert) - Marihuana; other; requirement for health warning labels on marihuana products sold in Michigan; provide for.

HB 5234 - (Rep. Howrylak) - Corrections; jails; medical probation based on physical or mental incapacity and compassionate release based on imminent death; allow.

HB 5243 - (Rep. Kesto) - Corrections; parole; requirement for psychological examination prior to parole hearing; modify procedure.

HB 5244 - (Rep. Kesto) - Mental health; other; time limitation on completion of examination to evaluate issue of incompetence to stand trial; implement.

HB 5245 - (Rep. Kesto) - Corrections; prisoners; transfer of prisoners for medical treatment under certain circumstances; allow.

HB 5246 - (Rep. Kesto) - Mental health; facilities; examination to evaluate issue of incompetence to stand trial; modify process and expand certain resources.