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Anderson House Office Building
124 North Capitol Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933

Mailing Address:
House of Representatives
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
House Business Office
Capitol Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Clerk's Office
Ph: 517.373.0135
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Michigan House of Representatives Budget Cuts

Energy Star Awards

The House Office Building has earned Energy Star ratings for the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. The award recognizes the House's commitment to conserve resources and energy costs.

Administrative Savings in 2007 to present

Re-negotiated existing maintenance and lease contracts to gain savings in every possible area.

Eliminated out-of-state travel May 2007


Benefit changes effective May 2007

Implemented plan deductibles in the amount of $100 single/$200 family.
Co-pays applied in the amount of 10% after reaching the deductible.
Established out-of-pocket maximums at $500 single/$1000 family.

Accumulated Leave Payout Reduction effective April 2007

The Accumulated leave payout policy was reduced from 600 to 444 hour for individuals that complete service with the House.

Reduction in work force April 2007

Layoff of 6 non-partisan staff.
Majority and Minority Central Staff budgets reduced by $175,000 each.

House Office Building Purchase in December 2007

The House Office Building was purchased from developer and now is financed through the Michigan Strategic Fund. $30 million savings to the State over the remainder of the original lease.

Benefit Changes effective October 2008

Eliminated Physician's Health Plan of Michigan, participants transferred into BCBSM Community Blue.
Added Delta Vision as an alternative to VSP vision coverage. The coverage was similar to VSP but at a lower cost to the House.

Office Allotment reductions in May 2009

Office allotments reduced by 4%.
Leadership office allotments reduced by 5%.
Partisan central staff allotment cut Majority $300,000 and Minority $150,000.

Office Allotment allowances in May 2009

Restriction of all in-state travel and maintained restriction on all out-of-state travel.
Began charging all in-district travel reimbursements to Member's allotment.

Eliminated House Page Program in May 2009

House Page Program eliminated. 26 part-time employees completed service.
Tribute framing became responsibility of House Business Office.

Reduction in work force July 2009

Layoff of 6 non-partisan staff.
Majority and Minority Central Staff allotments reduced by $100,000/$50,000 respectively.

Cleaning Contract Reduced in June 2009

The Peckham contract for cleaning services was significantly reduced.
House Business Office staff became responsible for office trash/recycling removal and general cleaning.

Benefit Changes effective October 2009

Health care increase of $500 annually for Members and employees.

Benefit Changes effective October 2010

Implemented a 90-day waiting period for the House Benefit Plan.
Increased plan deductibles to $250 single/$500 family.
Increased office visit and chiropractic co-pays to $20 and emergency room to $100.
Increased prescription drug co-pays to $15 generic, $30 name brand and $50 non-formulary.
Increased out-of-pocket maximums to $1000 single/$2000 family.
Eliminated VSP plan and maintained Delta Vision.
Eliminated short term disability, implementing 67% coverage after 90-day wait.

Retirement Health Care Contribution began in October 2010

All employees, regardless of retirement plan, contribute 3% of their annual base taxable income towards retirement health care.

Legislator Cuts effective January 2011

Legislator's salaries reduced by 10%.
Legislator's expense allowance reduced by 10%.
Members pay for parking in the Capitol lot.

Additional Office Allotment Reductions in January 2011

Member's Office allotments reduced by 5%.
Leadership allotments reduced by 10%.
Speaker's Office allotment reduced by more than 10%.

Benefit Changes effective October 2011

90-day waiting period for the House Benefit Plan.
PPO, HMO and H.S.A. Options for Health Care
20% copayment of premiums for Medical, Dental and Vision (10% options with higher out-of-pocket expenses).
Implemented 3 tiered payments for Members/employees (single, two person, family).

Reduction in work force October 2011

Layoff of 6-7 non-partisan staff.

Member Offices limited to 2 employees effective October 1, 2011

At least one employee to be full time.

Office Allotment Reductions in January 2012

Member's Office allotments reduced by 13.9% .
Leadership allotments reduced by 13.9%.
Central Staff allotments reduced by 7.5% .