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Date: 12/10/2019 - updated
Time: 10:30 AM
Meeting: Standing Committee Meeting Ways and Means

Representative Rep. Brandt Iden

All bills referred to this committee
Room 352, House Appropriations, State Capitol Building, Lansing, MI

Edward Sleeper phone: 5173732002

Broadcast:   House Appropriations
Agenda:  HB 4269 (Beth Griffin) Education; curriculum; 21st century skills credit requirements for high school diploma; provide for.

SB 466 (John Bizon, M.D.) Children; services; family first prevention services act; implement a qualified residential treatment program.

SB 467 (Marshall Bullock) Children; foster care; regulation of foster family homes or foster family group homes; modify.

SB 539 (John Bizon, M.D.) Human services; children's services; criminal history check for child caring institution staff and retention of certain data; update as required by the federal families first prevention services act.

SB 468 (John Bizon, M.D.) Children; services; placement in a qualified residential treatment program; provide regulations for.

SB 469 (Marshall Bullock) Children; services; court's approval or disapproval of a qualified residential treatment placement at certain hearings; require.

HB 5008 (James Lower) Corrections; state facilities; requirement to post diagrams of exit routes in areas where prisoners have access; prohibit.

HB 4271 (Gary Howell) Education; curriculum; mathematics requirement for Michigan merit curriculum; revise.

HB 4282 (Roger Hauck) Education; curriculum; occupational safety and health administration (MIOSHA) training; allow as alternative to health credit requirement for high school diploma under certain circumstances.

HB 5031 (Ann Bollin) Elections; polling places; polling place locations; expand.

HB 4186 (Diana Farrington) Trade; data security; enactment of data breach notification act; make conforming changes to identity theft protection act.

HB 4187 (Diana Farrington) Trade; data security; data breach notification act; enact.

HB 5229 (Jason Sheppard) Local government; intergovernmental affairs; tax levied under the municipal partnership act; modify.

HB 4449 (Beth Griffin) Insurance; no-fault; allowable expenses; eliminate requirement to reimburse for chiropractic services.

SB 322 (Roger Victory) Counties; boards and commissions; transfer of functions of a county road commission to the county board of commissioners; extend sunset.

SB 323 (Roger Victory) Counties; boards and commissions; powers and duties of county road commissioners to be exercised by the county board of commissioners; extend sunset.

HB 5124 (Wendell Byrd) Property tax; delinquent taxes; provisions for reducing redemption amounts; modify.

HB 4620 (Brandt Iden) Liquor; licenses; issuance of special license to conduct spirits tasting; provide for.

HB 4621 (Jack O'Malley) Liquor; licenses; vendor of spirits providing a special licensee with certain brand logoed items; allow.

SB 588 (Jeremy Moss) Liquor; spirits; refunds for spirits sold by a specially designated distributor; allow.

HB 4291 (Julie Calley) Campaign finance; statements and reports; campaign statement filing schedules; modify.

HB 5146 (Diana Farrington) Financial institutions; loan officers; definition and use of the term licensed secondary mortgage loan officer in secondary mortgage loan act; modify.

HB 5147 (Sherry Gay-Dagnogo) Financial institutions; loan officers; definition and use of the term licensed loan officer under the mortgage brokers, lenders, and servicers licensing act; modify.

HB 5174 (Daire Rendon) Insurance; producers; fees allowed in the placement of a surplus line policy; modify.

SB 184 (Curtis S. VanderWall) Health occupations; athletic trainers; continuing education hours and certain licensing requirements for athletic trainers; modify.

SB 434 (Aric Nesbitt) Occupations; cosmetologists; licensure of mobile cosmetology units; provide for, and make general revisions.

HB 4228 (Beau LaFave) Highways; memorial; portion of US-41; designate as the Samuel R. Costello Memorial Highway.

HB 4832 (Sarah Lightner) Highways; memorial; portion of I-94; designate as the Deputy Gate Keeper George W. Haight Memorial Highway.

SB 527 (Roger Victory) Highways; memorial; Beacon Boulevard in Grand Haven; designate as the Officer Scott Flahive Memorial Highway.