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Date: 1/21/2020 - new
Time: 10:30 AM
Meeting: Standing Committee Meeting Regulatory Reform

Representative Michael Webber

All bills referred to this committee
Room 521, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

Sondra Gordon phone: 5173730910

Broadcast:   House Committee 2
Agenda:  SB 543 (Curtis S. VanderWall) Liquor; other; use of secure identity verification devices to determine age of purchaser; allow.

HB 5315 (Sara Cambensy) Liquor; licenses; license to serve alcohol on certain premises of Northern Michigan University; allow.

HB 5341 (Pauline Wendzel) Liquor; licenses; provision related to brewpub license conditions; update cross-reference.

HB 5342 (Pauline Wendzel) Liquor; manufacturer; allowing certain micro brewers to deliver beer to retailers; eliminate, and clarify electronic advertising procedures.

HB 5343 (Pauline Wendzel) Liquor; manufacturer; self-distribution limit of micro brewers; increase.

HB 5344 (Pauline Wendzel) Liquor; beer; allowing certain micro brewers to refund money to retailers for returned beer; eliminate.

HB 5345 (Jason Wentworth) Liquor; beer; required intervals to pay beer tax; modify, and increase production threshold for a brewer to claim a credit or refund.

HB 5346 (Jason Wentworth) Liquor; wine; required intervals to pay wine tax; modify.

HB 5347 (Alex Garza) Liquor; licenses; beer festivals special license requirements; modify.

HB 5348 (Alex Garza) Liquor; liquor control commission; certain provisions of salesperson license accreditation program; modify.

HB 5349 (Matt Hall) Liquor; beer; successor manufacturer or successor outstate seller of beer not assigned a brand extension; provide certain exception.

HB 5350 (Matt Hall) Liquor; wine; successor manufacturer or successor outstate seller of wine not assigned a brand extension; provide certain exception.

HB 5351 (Graham Filler) Liquor; other; definition of a successor to a supplier that continues in business; provide for.

HB 5352 (Graham Filler) Liquor; manufacturer; procedure for manufacturer canceling agreement with a wholesaler; revise.

HB 5353 (Sara Cambensy) Liquor; beer; requirement that beer sold in a growler have a registration number; eliminate.

HB 5354 (Sara Cambensy) Liquor; licenses; certain labeling requirements for a brewpub; eliminate.

HB 5355 (Sara Cambensy) Liquor; manufacturer; requirement for manufacturer or wholesaler to provide proof of valid label from United States Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau; eliminate under certain circumstances.