Key Documents

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Copies of the reports listed below may be obtained by contacting the office at 517.373.8080 or contacting Kathryn Bateson.

Questions on the following documents should be directed to Mary Ann Cleary, Director or Kevin Koorstra, Deputy Director.


Key Documents

  • Budget Poster - FY 2023-24 February 27, 2024. Prepared by Mary Ann Cleary, Director. A diagram of the major components of Michigan's tax system and state budget. The 11 x 17 poster displays how state taxes and other revenues flow through major state funds and into the state budget. Email HFA Administration to request a color copy.
  • A Legislator's Guide to Michigan's Budget Process (Update) January 2019. Prepared by Mary Ann Cleary, Director and Bethany Wicksall, Deputy Director. This document explains the annual process for enacting the budget for the State of Michigan.
  • State Budget Overview Background Briefing January 2024. Prepared by Mary Ann Cleary, Director and Kevin Koorstra. This briefing includes information on the long-term economic, revenue, and budget trends; major FY 2023-24 budget changes; and the budget outlook for future budget years.
  • Revenue State Source and Distribution September 12, 2023. Prepared by Ben Gielczyk, Associate Director and Jim Stansell, Senior Economist. This report provides information on the source and distribution of revenue for the State of Michigan, and includes final FY 2021-22 revenue, and estimated FY 2022-23 and FY 2023-24 amounts. Estimates in this report are based on revenue amounts agreed to at the May 2023 Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference. This publication also includes final FY 2021-22 collections by type of tax and provides information for each tax with regard to the tax base, rate, and disposition as well as state revenue dedication information including tax type, dedicated amount, and recipient of dedicated funds.
  • Appropriations: Summary and Analysis, FY 2023-24 September 13, 2023. This publication provides a summary and analysis of the FY 2023-24 year to date state budget.


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