Staff members are listed below with their areas of responsibility. You may send an email to an HFA staff member by clicking on his or her name.

Mary Ann Cleary, HFA Director

Kevin Koorstra, HFA Deputy Director

Budget Area Analyst
Agriculture and Rural Development William E. Hamilton
Capital Outlay Benjamin Gielczyk
Perry Zielak
Community Colleges Perry Zielak
Corrections Robin Risko
Education (Department) Samuel Christensen
Jacqueline Mullen
Environmental Quality Austin Scott
General Government Benjamin Gielczyk
Mike Cnossen
Attorney General Mike Cnossen
  Auditor General Benjamin Gielczyk
  Civil Rights Mike Cnossen
  Executive Office Benjamin Gielczyk
  Technology, Management, and Budget Mike Cnossen
  Legislature Benjamin Gielczyk
  Michigan Strategic Fund Benjamin Gielczyk
Department of State Mike Cnossen
Talent & Economic Development Benjamin Gielczyk
Treasury Benjamin Gielczyk
Health and Human Services
Public Assistance/Field Operations/Medcaid-Backup Kent Dell
Public Health/Aging/Departmentwide Administration Susan Frey
Medicaid/Physical and Behavioral Health Kevin Koorstra
Child Welfare/Child Support/Community Services Viola Bay Wild
Higher Education Perry Zielak
Insurance & Financial Services Marcus Coffin
Judiciary Robin Risko
Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Marcus Coffin
Military and Veterans Affairs Mike Cnossen
Natural Resources Austin Scott
School Aid Samuel Christensen
Jacqueline Mullen
State Police Marcus Coffin
Transportation William E. Hamilton

Other Areas of Responsibility

Revenue/Tax Analysis/Revenue Sharing

Jim Stansell

Legislative Analysis

Rick Yuille
Edith Best
Jenny McInerney
Emily Smith
Sue Stutzky
Administrative Rules Kent Dell
General Fund Budget Mary Ann Cleary
MAIN Coordinator Kevin Koorstra
Retirement Benjamin Gielczyk
Supplemental Coordinator Robin Risko
Transfer Coordinator Viola Bay Wild
Administrative Assistant/Publications Kathryn Bateson
Budget Assistant/HFA Website/Transfers Tumai Burris
Front Office Assistant Tabbatha Birmingham