Budget Background Briefings

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Copies of the reports listed below may be obtained by contacting the office at 517.373.8080 or contacting Kathryn Bateson.

Budget Area Analyst
State Budget Overview Mary Ann Cleary
Kevin Koorstra
State Tax Revenue Overview Jim Stansell
Agriculture and Rural Development William E. Hamilton
Capital Outlay Perry Zielak
Community Colleges Perry Zielak
Corrections Robin Risko
Education (Department) Noel Benson
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy Austin Scott
General Government Viola Wild
Mike Cnossen
Attorney General Mike Cnossen
Auditor General Viola Wild
Civil Rights Mike Cnossen
Executive Office Viola Wild
Labor and Economic Opportunity Viola Wild
Legislature Viola Wild
Department of State Mike Cnossen
Technology, Management, and Budget Mike Cnossen
Treasury Viola Wild
Health and Human Services Kevin Koorstra
Sydney Brown
Kent Dell
Medical Services and Behavioral Health Kevin Koorstra
Kent Dell
Population Health, Aging and Adult Services Sydney Brown

Human Services Sydney Brown
Kent Dell
Higher Education Perry Zielak
Insurance and Financial Services Marcus Coffin
Judiciary Robin Risko
Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Marcus Coffin
Military and Veterans Affairs Mike Cnossen
Natural Resources Austin Scott
Revene Sharing Jim Stansell
Benjamin Gielczyk
School Aid Noel Benson
Jacqueline Mullen
State Police Marcus Coffin
Transportation William E. Hamilton