Legislative Transfers

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Copies of the reports listed below may be obtained by contacting the office at 517.373.8080 or contacting Kathryn Bateson.

Questions on the following documents should be directed to Viola Bay Wild, Transfer Coordinator.


Special Reports

  • Fiscal Brief: Legislative Appropriations Transfers [767K] April 23, 2019. Prepared by Viola Bay Wild, Senior Fiscal Analyst. This publication provides an overview of legislative appropriations transfers and explains the mechanics and various steps of the transfer process.


FY 2018-19 Legislative Transfers

2019-4 SBO Request
2019-2 SBO Request
2019-1 SBO Request

FY 2017-18 Legislative Transfers

2018-9 and 2018-11 SBO Requests
2018-8 SBO Request
2018-6 SBO Request
2018-3 SBO Request
2018-2 SBO Request
2018-1 SBO Request


Legislative Transfer Archives